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Jarvis Knife Works Your description goes here
JB Custom Fabrication, LLC Good source for Dana twin sticks and hardware.
Twin Stick Info This guy bought my twin stick and put a nice write up on the complete installation. Thanks Ivan.
JKW 14 bolt disc brake installation Here's a good write-up on my 14 bolt disc brake kit installation. Thanks Nick
JKW Twin Stick Install ColoradoK5 Product Review of my twin stick install.
DPG Offroad Great site for Jeep and other offroad parts.
Dana 60, 14 bolt, doubler, more forsale A few years back I had this dream to build an S10 with big axles, heavy running gear, strong engine, the whole nine yards. Well It is almost complete but I have lost interest in it. I would like to sell the whole thing at this time, not interested in parting it out. Total price of $3500 firm as I ahve over $6000 invested. The axles and transfer cases are worth that alone not to mention the winches, engine, tires, rims, hydraulic steering, etc... theknifeman@hotmail.com Located in New Albany, MS
RamchargerCentral.Com Community Center for all Mopar Trucks.
Hydro Assist Steering Tech This ssite offers good info on Hydro Assist Steering.
More Hydro Assist Info More good hydro assist info.